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Testimonials for Laurie Israel

“I want to take a moment to thank you for this article. I wish my fiance’ would have read this (10 Things I Hate About Prenuptial Agreements) before having his attorney email me a prenup that matches exactly what you describe in your article. We were supposed to get married next week. We are still battling over it. Hopefully more people read this prior to causing so much destruction in their relationships.
Thanks again!”

“Thank you so much for everything. You made an terrifying, embarrassing, challenging, humiliating situation palatable and have given me some measure of peace.

I am grateful to you. Because of the work you did I sleep better at night.”

“Laurie delved into the dustiest files, figured out what steps needed to be taken, and set us on the right path with a clear picture of what is needed in the future. Her work is greatly appreciated.”

“I have worked with Laurie on legal matters and can state that she is a meticulous lawyer and a conscientious and dedicated advocate for her clients.”

“Working with Laurie, I got personal attention, from the head of the ‘firm’, and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, where the desire to ‘win’ was completely focused on behalf of me, the client, and not on behalf of some attorney’s need to move up a notch in the partnership race.”

“Laurie knew precisely how to handle opposing counsel – the right questions and requests to put to them, and the right way to present my case to them.”

“Although I had no idea what to expect, as my difficulties became more apparent and at times consumed me completely during our meetings, Laurie always remained calm and communicated intense respect and caring.”

“Laurie guided me through a difficult divorce with a steadying and compassionate hand.”

“Laurie has earned my respect as an extremely competent, decent and knowledgeable real estate attorney. No one cares more about the personal welfare of their clients than Laurie.”

“Our matter lasted for about a year and a half. It was a very tense time for us. We often spoke of what you did for us, and what it meant to us. It was a wonderful outcome, and we are very grateful.”

“Laurie’s ability to negotiate difficult situations was timely, excellent and impressive. Meticulous in her practice of the law, Laurie remains devoted to the needs of her clients.”

“You possess a rare combination of qualities: intelligence, a great sensitivity to your clients and their needs, a thorough understanding of the law, and a dedication to the best possible outcome for your client and for the situation presented, as a whole.”

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for writing the prenup article.  It was the most helpful thing I came across on the topic and articulated the unease I had with the trust/emotional consequences of a prenup. Cheers.”


What people are saying about Laurie Israel’s presentation on “Mediation to Stay Married: A Commonsense Application of Conflict Resolution”, presented at the Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference, in Austin, Texas:

“Excellent! Worth the price of the entire conference! Thank you!”


“Fabulous Presence. Great Facilitator. Circled the audience. Gentle forward movement to all on progressive idea utilizing the rich experience of all in the room.”

“Refreshing spin on mediation”

“More of This!”