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Collaborative Practitioners and Mediators

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Vicki Shemin (Boston)
Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Guardian ad Litem

Amy Martell (Marshfield)
Collaborative divorce, marital mediator, divorce mediator

Doris Tennant (Newton)
Collaborative Divorce, Mediation

Richard Wolman, Ph.D.
Collaborative Divorce — Neutral Process Coach

Karen Levitt (Lowell)
Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Mediation

Stephen McDonough (Norfolk)
Mediation, Collaborative Practice, Mediation to Stay Married

Mary T. Johnston (Needham)
Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Law

Stephen M. Linsky (Newton)
Collaborative Law, Mediation, Arbitration

Daniel Finn (Newton)
Divorce, Collaborative Law

David Goldman, Esq. (Newton)  (617) 489-6140
Parenting Coodinator

Shel J. Miller Ph.D (Brookline)
Neutral Process Coach — Collaborative Divorce, Parenting Coordination, Marital Counseling

Sanford Portnoy, PhD (Waban)
Divorce coach, Collaborative MHP Neutral

Gina Arons, PsyD (Lincoln)
Divorce coach, Neutral Process Coach — Collaborative Divorce

Lynn K. Cooper (Newton)
Collaborative Coach, Collaborative Neutral, Marital Counselor, Parenting Coordinator

For more names, contact the The Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council